Sunday, 22 March 2015

They're calling my play WHAT?

Well this is just too much. These people have crossed the line. I've just read the latest reviews and interpretations of my play A Doll's House and almost every one of them is assuming I had some sort of radical ideas in mind as I wrote it.
Let me make something perfectly clear; this play was never meant to start any feminist movement or to even simply encourage women to do something radical. The play is about human rights! I have said it once at the Norwegian Society for Women's Rights and I will keep saying it. This play was not about women's rights, but rather about the rights of the human being. By this I mean that all people are entitled to a good life while enjoying good health, good decisions, good company and a great deal of love.
I despise having to read over and over again that I wrote a play that started women thinking about their rights and unleashed a revolution, it was never my intention.
I'd absolutely love to stop seeing people interpret it their way and take is as it truly is. Either that or I'll have to stop reading the news!